Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yellow signs

I was riding my bike this morning for my 3rd day back to health.  I have had some injuries keeping me from any kind of “real” workout. 

As I was riding the 2 mile stretch I saw a yellow sign in the distance and realized that I had been using that as my “marker” for my turn around. It was my “sign” that I had gone the distance and could make my way back.

When I see that sign in the distance it gives me a goal to shoot for.  It is a yellow sign that shows the bend in the road. I have decided to strive hard toward that sign each morning.  If I keep my eyes on sign and not on the difficulty of the ride it gets easier to make the mark.

There are lots of signs on our road to health. Some are detour signs, some are bends in the road, some are caution..slow down, some are steep hills coming up.   yellow street sign

What sign is in your road right now? What are you keeping your eyes on?


Stay Motivated!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let’s Get It Started!

So, you want to get started on your journey to better health but don’t how.  Here are a few tips to get you going:

1. WHY.  Find out what motivates you. WHY do you want to be healthy?

2. WRITE.   Now, write it down.  The WHY part.  On the fridge, the stove, the mirror, the dog, whatever strikes your fancy….just write it down.  A dream is only a wish until you write it down.

3. WHAT.   After you have your why, ask yourself  WHAT? WHAT do you like to do? Do you like to bike ride? Jog? Fast walk? Aerobics? Water Aerobics? Skate? Lift weights? There are a number of ways to skin a cat! You choose what you like to do because then you are more likely to stick and stay!

4.WHEN.     Okay, you have your WHY and your WHAT. Now you need your WHEN. When is it the best time for you to accomplish your WHAT? Are you an early morning person? (That’s me!) Or do you prefer late afternoon or evening? Whatever time it is you must decide that and stick to it!

5. HOW.      How are you going to accomplish this journey to better health?  Do you want results RIGHT NOW? Then you must come up with a plan to work it fast and furious.  Are you the slow and steady type? Great. Create a plan that will help you reach your desired goal at a slow and steady pace.  Can’t create a plan? Comment me and I will help you!

6. DECIDE.       You MUST DECIDE that your health is important and worth the effort it takes to get there.  You didn’t get where you are now overnight…it was a process of many things….maybe bad choices, maybe injury, maybe you’ve been too busy, whatever it is NOW is the time to DECIDE to change.  YOU have to make that choice…no one will do it for you.  In order for change to take place in your health YOU have to change!

Create a whole new fitness revolution…starting with you!



Welcome to Sparked Up Fitness where you will find me rambling about all things healthy.  You will find articles on the latest fitness craze, healthy recipes, proper supplementation, workout tips, fitness challenges, and anything related to fitness that strikes my fancy.

I have been in the fitness industry since I was 9 years old….yes, I said 9.  I started at 9 as a competitive gymnast.  I worked my way up (all 25 hours a week, every week) to being an Elite Gymnast.  I was training for the 1984 Olympic team when my knee decided to give way and end my career.

At the age of 14 I thought my life was over.  I new nothing else but the gym! What was I going to do with my time now? 

Fast forward 30 years…..I am now a happily married stay at home mother of 5. I do fitness and nutritional coaching on the side.  I am no expert…just have lots of years of experience.

My goal is to be healthy physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. I love helping others to their goals as well.  I have coached many over the years with great success. 

I hope you will find great resources here as well as a nurturing community of friends that you can get to know on your journey to better health.

To your health,